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Client-Centered Approach 

          Every person who walks into my office is taking a risk by being vulnerable, and I consider every conversation to be a gift. I understand everyone has their own individual journey and personal story. I feel privileged to listen and honored to walk alongside my clients. As a solution-focused therapist, I am very intentional with providing tools for my clients and the obstacles they may have to overcome.      

          I strive to provide a comfortable therapeutic environment for all my clients with the knowledge I have gained through seminary, graduate school, and church. My unique training in both theology and marriage family therapy has enabled me to effectively integrate these fields to meet the needs of the client as a whole person. 



          I believe in using our therapy time productively, therefore I strive to provide practical tools and solutions to our daily struggles and obstacles. Many of which I have encountered before, having been involved in church leadership as a staff and support team member for multiple years.  I have also received professional development in PREPARE/ENRICH certification for marriage counseling, Personality Disorders, Oppositional Defiant teenagers, Abandonment Issues, Adoption Issues, people in crisis, and Healing Prayer techniques. My diverse experiences have deeply instilled a passion to serve others with a helping hand through counseling.        


          My primary goals with all my clients are to gain more understanding of their cultures through their perspective and discover more healthful changes within their cultural context. Born and raised in a Korean-American family, my bicultural background has given me a unique perspective of how family culture and systems impact an individual and an increased awareness of the strengths as well as dysfunctions of any culture.  I am greatly captivated by the people I meet in both social and professional arenas. This passion to know people has driven me to provide care from a holistic approach, taking consideration of their spiritual, emotional, and family history. 

          Along with my gifts as a therapist, I have trained parents and church leaders through seminars and classes. I find great fulfillment in offering my services to the local church and community through education, counseling and in other capacities. 


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