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to encourage, strengthen

this is the definition and root word for our modern-day term “counselor”
I hope I get an opportunity to walk alongside you and encourage you towards change. 

About the Counselor

Christy Hyun MFT License #46787 ​

          In 2002, I began my first hours as a therapist at a group home for teenagers with addictions and behavioral and mental disorders. It was a life changing experience. I learned how to appreciate the unique challenges of teen life and how to better understand the struggles and obstacles they face during this developmental stage.  Later, as I began working with abused women, I learned how to help women address their needs and suffering. When I worked with marriages, I found great satisfaction in seeing couples' love revived and marriages restored.


When I witness the wholeness and healing that is facilitated through therapy, I feel honored to have traveled this journey with my clients. 


  • Marriage and Family Therapist​​

​           In private​​ practice since April 2009


  • Adjunct Faculty at Western Seminary

           Teaching since January 2018​

  • Brainspotting​​

           Providing treatments since 2022

Education and Training
  • Bachelor of Science - Boston University

  • Master of Science - Western Seminary

  • Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Certified Brainspotting Therapist

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